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American Sweetgum Sola Cube

American Sweetgum Sola Cube



The American sweetgum is notable because its leaves turn to beautiful colors in the fall. The thorn-covered cones are not single cones, but in fact many cones combined into one. In fall, the cones would dried up and open, then the seeds would come out.  You will find American sweetgum on the High Line's Spur at 30th Street in 2018.

Created by designer Koichi Yoshimura, each Sola cube contains a real plant which has been encapsulated in a resin cube.  Every Sola cube is carefully handmade by an experienced Japanese craftsman, and each one takes considerable time and effort to complete. Outstanding craftsmanship is required to ensure that this small transparent cube holds a plant at its very center and that no air bubbles get inside.

Because each Sola cube contains an unique plant, there will be slight variations in color, size, and shape.

1.6 inches cube; handmade in Japan; each unique.